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The location of the establishments in natural and privileged environments, next to the volcanoes, by the sea or on the beach, ... are some of the singularities that have seduced many people who have seen in TAO accommodation these qualities suitable for their routine. You can reconnect with your essence through Yoga practices, rest, good food, detox routines, activities in nature ... wrapped in silence and the tranquility of their horizons. These are the proposals of our collaborators that, with their experience, will guide you to achieve yourselve, to know more about you and the local environment. With the 7lemons house , Yoga school in a group or individually, with professionals, tailored or on your own, in Villas equipped with swimming pool or in a Boutique hotel that offers customized services. You can book your accommodation and enjoy a healthy vacation on an island where love and inner peace are a unique mark.


Fuerteventura is known as the Hawaii of Europe for the ideal conditions for water sports such as surfing, kite, paddle, windsurfing… that is why important international events are celebrated here. The location of TAO establishments such as Tao Caleta Mar, TAO Caleta Playa,… next to the dunes, 3 minutes from Flag Beach, “La Entubadera”, 5 minutes from the beach of “El Burro”…. In local environments such as Villas in Lajares or TAO Cotillo apartments that access the entire north coast where the main spots of Majanicho, Mejillones, Esquinzo… will allow both beginners and professionals to start and perfect their practice. Special agreements and packages with these professional and local schools https://lineupfuerteventura.com/es/, will assist you in your learning or professionalization.


Marriage is a tradition transmitted between generations in all cultures of the world. This celebration is full of symbolic elements that flood the day of emotion and love. The bouquet, the menu, the dresses of the bride and groom, the hairstyle, the cocktail ... every detail is a seal to the commitment of that unique and special day. For this reason, it requires a special environment that frames that unforgettable day in an eternal photograph. Weddings today, say a lot about the essence of the bride and groom and therefore the styles of rural, classical, bohemian wedding are personalized, on the turquoise beaches of paradise and with the island of Lobos or Lanzarote in the background ... It is here where TAO establishments offer these special rural settings in their Villas, in their beachfront hotels, next to the dunes ... Thanks to the organization specialists https://www.fuerteventuraweddingplanner.com/ https://www.ewfuerteventura.com/ of events and marriage, they have brought happiness and magic to thousands of couples in Fuerteventura. The colors, the decoration and the environment will intensify the sensations.


If you are an “urban”, if you travel for work, or if you often visit the island and need agility in your accommodation stay procedures, TAO offers you conditions and locations to travel comfortably in Fuerteventura. Puerto de Rosario is the nerve and commercial center of Fuerteventura, due to its good accessibility by road to the rest of the island. Morrojable is another of the strategic centers on the islands, communicated by ferry with Gran Canaria in two hours. Corralejo, is a tourist center that connects with the island of Lanzarote in just 20 minutes. We know that travel by work occupies a large part of your time ... but we want it not to be everything. We organize and streamline your particular or group needs. Ask commercialfue@turismarkmanagement.com , your company code.

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