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An island for the senses yet to be discovered

Fuerteventura was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2009 by UNESCO on land, sea and sky as a Starlight Reserve. This is due to the immensity of it`s volcanic landscape (the oldest in the archipelago), the virginity of it`s beaches, the traditions of it´s people and the peculiarity of its flora and fauna…. From deserts to starry skies every night, the immensity of it´s landscapes draws you in.

The sights that should not be missed...

The boat trip to the Island of Lobos; the wild Cofete Beach with the Jandía Summits; the geological oddities of the Peñitas Dam or the geology of the Ajuy Caves, an area that belongs to a pre - Canary Islands era; the pyramid of the Sacred Mountain of Tindaya and the orange sunset of Cotillo.

Flavors that will delight you...

The internationally awarded Majorero Cheese is a denomination of origin in its fresh and paprika varieties; the gofio, a cereal that sustained this island, called granary of the Canary Islands, in times not so distant; the fresh fish from the Brotherhoods that exist today on the island and the majorero tomato of a small size and enormous freshness.

Smells that will be retained in your memory...

The fresh smell of the sea breeze; the activity of fishermen on the docks; the broths and stews of the kitchens; the traditional Tiscamanita bread and the wine or spirits of the island.

To caress…

The rugged volcanic stones on it´s trails; the loins of the protected Majorero donkey; the sturdy wood and cold stone of it´s traditional buildings and hermitages of the House of Los Coroneles; the seeds of the Cilla Museum; the healing softness of the Aloe Vera plant and the hot sand that relaxes your body.

Stop if you listen...

The percussion of the traditional rhythms of their pilgrimages and festivals with simple guitars and vocals from other times; the music in the Carnivals of the whole island; the sounds of dolphins in the sea, eagles, guirres, tarabillas (local breeds of bird) above your head and the stories or legends of the elderly in their villages, in the habour or in the bay.

Stop, when in my silence, you hear the breeze of the trade winds that gives sound and meaning to my name ... Close your eyes, feel the sun on your face. I am Fuerteventura.

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